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Jackson Day School Profile 

Address: 1209 Little Rock Road Charlotte NC 28214

Tel: (704) 391-5516  Fax: (704) 391-2540



Dean of Operations

Rev. Tom Winstead and Tammy Winstead 

Dean of Lower School

Kelly Scott

Our School

Jackson Day School (JDS) is a growing K-12 tuition-free charter school with 740 students (2021-2022). Each year we increase our enrollment by 100-120 students until fully enrolled with 1198 students in K-12 grade.  JDS began in 2009-2010 as a K-3 school and added one grade level each year until our first senior class graduated in 2018.  We expect to reach full growth, 1078 students, by 2026. 

JDS is located in Mecklenburg County in Charlotte, NC. Most of our students live in or near Mountain Island Lake, Steele Creek, Mount Holly, Belmont, Denver, and Huntersville.  JDS's diverse student body is 48% Caucasian, 31% African American, 10% Multiracial, 8% Hispanic, 2.5% Asian, and .5% American Indian, reflective of the diversity of the city of Charlotte. 13% of students are eligible for free and reduced-price meals.

JDS focuses on character and incorporates a robust character education program throughout.  We have outlined students' behavioral guidelines we expect students to adhere to.  Students in K-7 must wear logoed uniforms, and 8-12 must abide by a dress code.

High School Growth

Jackson Day School (JDS) made a conscious decision to grow our school enrollment slower, despite the waitlist, allowing our staff to focus on acclimating new students both academically and behaviorally. JDS enrolls most of our new students in K-9 and enrolls very few students in 10-12 grade. Students entering 10-12 are siblings of already enrolled students or children of staff members. We admit 100-120 students each year; 60 of the available spaces are taken by incoming Kindergarten students, leaving an average of 6-8 open seats in grades 1-9. JDS open enrollment period is between November and February each year and the annual lottery for the following year's enrollment occurs each March.  

Our high school is growing slower than other grade levels due to JDS's decision not to enroll new students in grades 10-12.  We are growing our high school body by moving up students from lower grade levels. JDS's 2022 Senior class has 34 students, and our 2022 Freshmen class has 60 students.  Over the next four years, our high school will double in size and continue to grow until we reach 384 students in 9-12 by 2026.  

High School Curriculum   

Jackson Day School (JDS) accredited by Cognia, offers three high school academic tracks: College Preparatory, Career Preparatory, and Occupational Course of Study.  Students complete eight courses a year on a semester-long schedule.  We offer advanced coursework through The Voyager Program, our dual enrollment program.  Eligible students can begin taking college coursework in grade 10 through our partnership with Belmont Abbey.  Typically students on this track complete fifty or more college credits by the time they graduate high school.  Students can also become eligible to take college or career preparatory coursework in grades 11-12 through CCP at Central Piedmont Community College.  

Sixty percent of JDS's 2022 senior class have taken college or career preparatory coursework through the Voyager Program and one-third of JDS's 2022 senior class will graduate with fifty or more college credits.  JDS maintains a greater than 95% graduation and college acceptance rate, 100% in 2021. 


Jackson Day School (JDS) participates in the Charlotte Gaston Athletic Association (CGAA) and Metro Area Athletic Conference (MAAC)-Middle and High School Athletics.  In 2021-2022 JDS offered 16 varsity and junior varsity teams in the upper school.  JDS provides a variety of clubs and organizations; a few examples are student government, National Honor Society, yearbook, marching band, and competitive dance.  
Jackson Day School NC Report Card

2018-2019 (MIDCC): C (55%)
2021-2022:  C (63%)
2022-2023: C (62%)

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