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Voyager Program

The Voyager Program at Jackson Day School focuses on preparing our students for college and career readiness. JDS students in 10th-12th grade can earn college credits and technical credits while earning their High School degree. Students can choose to take a few college-level courses, study a technical track, or complete two years of transferable college credits. JDS begins counseling students in 7th and 8th grade to determine future interests. JDS works with students to ensure high school requirements are achieved while we prepare them for the particular track they desire. Students enroll in in-person classes with groups of their JDS peers. JDS transports students to Belmont Abbey and Harris Campus to take in-person courses. A dedicated staff remains on campus with the students. Students return to the JDS campus and work with dedicated JDS dual enrollment teachers who aid student's in course requirements, assignments, and communications with their professors. JDS does not simply enroll students in dual enrollment coursework. We have built a program around this offering, allowing for a robust student support system to walk this journey with our students. JDS has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Belmont Abbey and CPCC. JDS works closely with the colleges to provide our students with a wide variety of opportunities.

Students must apply for the Voyager Program and meet eligibility requirements to participate. Roughly one-third of our students begin taking coursework at Belmont Abbey in 10th grade for college preparedness earning transferable college credits. When students enter 11th grade, roughly 50-60 percent of the students are taking coursework through our partnerships with the local colleges. By 12th grade, 100 percent of students have the opportunity to participate in the dual enrollment program, either earning college credits or exploring a technical pathway.

Will Credits Earned Transfer? 

College credits achieved through dual enrollment from CPCC are protected under the NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement, meaning credits earned (C or higher) will transfer to any other state institution in NC. Students earning an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science through dual enrollment and who meet all the other eligibility requirements are guaranteed admission to attend one of the UNC universities. 


College credits achieved through Belmont Abbey are not protected under the NC Comprehensive Articulation Agreement because Belmont Abbey is a private institution. However, we have not encountered a situation to date where credits taken at Belmont Abbey did not transfer to another two or four-year college.  Our students have successfully transferred general education credits from both institutions to in-state and out-of-state private and public colleges.   

Why Dual Enrollment?

JDS offers dual enrollment coursework because it is an excellent way for students to get a headstart on college and career readiness. Research has shown that dual enrollment can lead to higher grades in high school and make students more likely to complete an undergraduate degree. Dual enrollment classes are more challenging than AP coursework, taught by college professors, are transferable, and prepare students for college coursework rigor. Participation in dual enrollment coursework for college preparatory or technical pathways teaches students valuable life skills, offers tuition savings, and prepares students for life after high school. When coursework is chosen wisely, it places students ahead in their quest for college degrees or a career out of high school.  

Career & Technical Pathways

The Voyager Program partnerships allow for more than 30 different technical and career pathways designed to help students get a head start on a great career. Students can earn a certificate, diploma, or a two-year degree. These programs prioritize hands-on learning and relevant workplace skills to prepare students for a career after High School.

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Career & Technical Pathways

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