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Extracurricular Activities at Jackson Day

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Jackson Day School (JDS) offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities across all grades K-12 including Athletics, Band, Competitive Dance, DECA, Fine Arts, and several interest-based clubs. 

As part of our educational approach to nurturing the whole child, we understand that academics are but one facet of a child's life. In addition to fostering a healthy academic focus, our goal at Jackson Day is to offer our students opportunities to thrive in activities that they enjoy. This contributes to students' overall health and growth of character.

JDS is a growing school.  We add roughly 100-120 students in our lower and middle grades each year.  We do not enroll students in 10th-12th grade, and for that reason, our High School is small, with less than 200 students.  Over the next four years, our High School will double in size from students in lower grades moving into High School. We are growing our athletic offerings at the same rate as our High School.  We are currently in an athletic league that allows us to be competitive at our current size.  As our High School grows, we will move into a 1A athletic league, allowing JDS to expand athletic offerings.  Our current athletic offerings are:


Soccer-Elementary School  

Soccer-Middle School-Co Ed

Soccer-High School-Co Ed

Cross Country-Middle School

Cross Country-High School

Volleyball-Middle School Girls 

Volleyball-JVHigh School Girls 

Volleyball-Varsity High School Girls 

Competitive Dance-Elementary Elite 

Competitive Dance-Varsity





Basketball-Middle School Boys

Basketball-Middle School Girls 

Basketball-High School Womens

Basketball-High School Men's JV

Basketball-High School Mens Varsity

Cheerleading-Middle School

Cheerleading-High School


Flag Football-Middle School 

Flag Football-High School

Golf-Middle School

Golf-High School


Baseball and Softball are offered based on student interest

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